What I’ll Miss, What I Won’t Miss

I live in California now.welcome to californiaI left Boston three weeks ago yesterday and embarked on an adventure, documented on Instagram under #crosscountryrachel. More on that later.

For now, here’s a post, inspired by the late, great, Nora Ephron, on what I’ll miss and what I won’t miss about Boston.

What I Won’t Miss
slipping on ice
humidity-tainted hair
everyone always complaining about the weather
the coldness
being far from my family
inefficiently placed roads and streets
the MBTA
particularly, the orange line
and also the green line
expensive avocados
bad Mexican food

What I’ll Miss
changing seasons
the first snow
the coldness
my church community
Render Mondays
walking through the Public Garden in the spring when the tulips are in
JP Licks
being close to Vermont
being close to New York
being close to Europe
being an East Coaster
the view of the city when riding the red line to and from Cambridge
buttery lobster rolls

4 thoughts on “What I’ll Miss, What I Won’t Miss

  1. Best of luck on the West Coast. While an East Coast native, I lived in LA for 5 years… glad to have tried something very different and always encourage others to give it a try.

    Re: What you’ll miss… (Render)
    Try Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf – while not a coffee drinker, I was addicted to Vanilla Blendeds when I lived there. When I went back for a visit – it was one of the first things I got.

    Good luck. Looking forward to new posts!
    K of TAF

    1. thank you! I’m originally from California, and very familiar with Coffee Bean. love their vanilla lattes! I agree that it’s great to try living somewhere else if you’re able. that’s what my time in Boston was for me!

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