Twenty-One Things I’ve Learned Since Graduation

1. I really love cereal and toaster waffles.
2. When you don’t have anything to do the next day, you can sleep in.
3. When you don’t have anything to do during the day, you can sleep.
4. Sabrina Spellman and Cory Matthews totally get me.
5. DVR is a beautiful thing.
6. I need a passion. And more goals.
7. I enjoy baseball when I actually sit down and watch it. Go Giants!
8. I still think basketball is better.
9. My fingernails grow very quickly.
10. Studying when you don’t have to is way better than studying when you do have to.
11. Procrastination is not as fun when you don’t have anything to procrastinate on.
12. Life was so easy up until now. I wonder if I’ll say that in another 20 years.
13. Probably. And that is sad.
14. You can control your weather by staying inside your house all day long.
15. When your real life is rather boring, your subconscious retaliates by making your dream world rather interesting.
16. I am semi-addicted to Coca-Cola.
17. Due to my extremely low tolerance for pain, it’s a good idea for me to begin mentally preparing myself to give birth to children now, in case I ever do need to sometime in the future.
18. I love having painted nails.
19. I love playing with and holding babies–I’m very glad I was placed in the nursery at church.
20. I recently really like kiwis, and could probably eat like five a day, except that my mouth can’t handle the acidity.
21. Finding a job is a lot harder that I thought it would be.

San Francisco

Photo cred: Chris Sison

It really bugs me when people say “San Fran” instead of San Francisco. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about rhyming, but not when it comes to this. When people who aren’t from here say it, it bothers me because it’s like when someone who doesn’t even know you gives your kid a nickname. People just don’t do that. People who are from here will either say San Francisco or “The City.” If you’re from here, and you say “San Fran,” it’s like calling your friend by a name that you know she hates. Don’t say it. I have the same issue with “Frisco.” But let’s not go there.

Procrastination Exasperation

I think I’m still on Hawaii time. Although I think I was always kinda on California time, so maybe now I’m on some weird time schedule of my own. Anyway, I’m in a rut and can’t sleep and can’t clean and can’t do anything. (You can’t do anything!) So here’s another random list of my random thoughts.

-I wish I was still on vacation in Hawaii. My body still thinks it’s floating in the ocean.

-Our house is so gross. It’s messy and disorganized and I do not like being back here. I’m going to organize it so stinkin’ good it’s not even gonna know. But until then, it’s quite unbearable.

-I have a dentist appointment tomorrow. I hope I don’t have any cavities.

-I want to get Buffy season three from the library but I can’t find my library card. I’m pretty sure I know where it is, but if I’m right, then that means that it’s buried in my boxes that have yet to be unpacked from my apartment. Maybe that will be my motivation to unpack and organize faster, haha.

-I want to go to Disneyland with Tiffy Schmiffy next week, but I don’t know if I can because of money + gas and stuff and because I’m supposed to be job-hunting and sticking around to follow-up on applications. Ugh. I wish I had a job. And a Prius. Or just money.

-I miss  Christine so so so SO much. CAPS is not enough. I keep forgetting that I can’t just text her any random thing that I think of because she’s in Tokyo. Granted, she has a good reason. Ugh, but still. It’s going to be a long six weeks.

-I’m so glad that Summer’s family was in Maui the same time I was. It was sad when she left because even though we only had dinner once while we were all there, once she had left, it REALLY felt like she was gone.

-Rusty is snoring.

-I should probably go to sleep now. Must floss first.

-Maui recap blog soon.

Job Applicant

The other day I had a dream that I hadn’t turned in an assignment for class, and I hadn’t studied long enough for my finals, and then I showed up late to a final. I was frightened awake, and it took a few minutes for me to realize that I had already taken all of my finals, had graduated, and that I was on vacation in Hawaii.

I submitted my first job application today. It would be so nice to just get hired with the first application. That is not likely to happen though. Well, here’s to hoping.