Deer Forest

Though I still insist on loving the winter, after our blizzard a few days ago, I wouldn’t be bummed if spring decided to arrive sooner rather than later. More so because I made a discovery and I can’t wait for it to open back up in the spring.

Come April, I plan on visiting a deer forest. A WALK-THRU deer forest. I mean, it’s actually the Southwick Zoo, and the deer forest is just an attraction in the zoo, but it’ll do. Look at all those deer. Look at that little girl. I WANT TO BE THAT GIRL. Especially since one of my goals for this year is to pet a deer. I’m so going to pet all the deer. I may even become a member.

Goals for 27 Years


I’ve been doing a list of Things for a few years now. While I don’t always complete everything on the list (this past year being the worst offender), I’ve learned a lot about my interests, my views on life, and my desires. I’ve decided that it’s now time to retire the 23, 24, 25, or 26 Things habit. I will, however, still be making (and hopefully fulfilling) yearly goals. So here’s this year’s list.

1. Double my savings.
2. Take a guitar class.
3. Study Philippians.
4. Fly a kite.
5. Knit a scarf.
6. Visit Washington, DC.
7. Pet a deer.
8. Learn all about coffee.
9. Read ten new books.
10. Visit a new country.

Here’s to 27 years of life.