2. Identify which is which in a Coca-Cola/Pepsi challenge.

As I mentioned in this update of my 23 Things, I attempted to do this at Chris’ Super Bowl Party back in February. And while I was able to tell the difference, I didn’t count it because the Coke had been open for longer than the Pepsi, which means the Coke had lost some ofContinue reading “2. Identify which is which in a Coca-Cola/Pepsi challenge.”

19. Go to Disneyland in the fall.

I’m been really bad about updating my 23 Things list, but I’m happy to report that it’s time to cross number 19 off! The weekend before Halloween, I went to Disneyland with the Wulff family for some lovely Halloween Disney Time. Jack & Sally! Jack asked me if my bow was keeping my head attached.Continue reading “19. Go to Disneyland in the fall.”