#crosscountryrachel – Massachusetts to Ohio

I’m in Boston these next few days to attend a wedding, so I figured, what better time than to write about when I officially left. I’ve been putting off writing this, because something about posting it will make it feel real, like I really did drive away and I no longer live here. Obviously, whetherContinue reading “#crosscountryrachel – Massachusetts to Ohio”

Thoughts From When I Can’t Sleep

I wish I knew all the words to the song “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” Julie Andrews is so great. what is the name of that one guy’s girlfriend again? I can never remember her name. and I’m usually good with names. she reminds me of Mary Poppins. I love that sidewalk chalk scene. it’s like they’re stepping intoContinue reading “Thoughts From When I Can’t Sleep”