33: Core

I first began making and blogging about goals when I was turning 23, and I’ve kept it up, ten years later. As I reflected on the last ten years, I noticed a few things. Setting these goals every year really kept me motivated to strive towards something, which is exactly why I started doing them to begin with. Also, through the years, many of my goals remained consistently similar, because, even though I’ve grown and changed, my core values in life have remained the same.

A few years ago, I started choosing a word on my birthday. This year’s word is core. One definition defines it as “the central, innermost, or most essential part of anything.” I want to focus on nourishing and strengthening my core: my core values, who I am at my core, and my physical core (thank you, Pilates).

Exercise consistently.
One of my goals last year was to do yoga. While I didn’t get quite into it as I thought I might, I have come to appreciate it much more now, as opposed to before, where I hated it. It also was a great starting off point, and I did start exercising more consistently than I ever have before, and that’s something I’d like to keep up. Many thanks to my beloved Peloton, my best (and priciest) investment of 2020. Which perfectly leads into my next goal.

Budget and spend efficiently.
I have never been good at budgeting. I never know how much to allocate to each category, and I have been fortunate to be able to indulge in lots of retail therapy in 2020, despite being in a pandemic. And by lots, I mean far too much, so it’s time to dial things back. Misael sent me his budget template, which has been super helpful (thank you!). One way I’ll work on spending efficiently is to buy more second-hand and shop small when possible, since this will force me to pause on what I’m about to buy to ensure that it’s what I truly want. Another change I’d like to make that will help financially will be not spending as much money on take-out.

Cook more.
Aside from helping to limit my take-out consumption, I really want to start cooking more. Last year’s goal was to focus on more clean eating, which didn’t quite go as planned. I also wanted to make my own bread, which also didn’t happen because of the yeast shortage (thanks pandemic).

Practice guitar.
I’ve recently gotten into watching videos on YouTube (ha, that so makes me sound like I’m in my 30s). This goal has appeared on my lists of goals throughout the years, and I am still at the same skill level I was at ten years ago. Resurrecting this goal is two-fold, since I not only really do want to play guitar better, but it will also help me to practice something I’m not good at, which has been the main obstacle in my guitar playing. Now that I’m into YouTube, I can utilize that as a learning resource. I’ll also be making Josué help me (surprise! lol).

We all had high hopes for 2020, and probably even higher hopes for 2021. I think our nation is heading towards a better place, but who knows. I am hopeful for the year though, and I’m excited for all that 33 will bring. And I’m thankful for hindsight, because even when things are bad in the moment, we can look back and learn and grow.

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