Goals for 30 Refresh

Hello World. The Rachel Things is back. This year has just flow by. This week has flown by, too.

I’ve let life get busy, which has gotten in the way of some things I planned to make space for this year. That’s why I’m revisiting my goals for 30, because I have 79 days to go before I turn 31, so there’s still time!

1. Read ten books this year.
I definitely have not read ten books this year. I’ve barely even finished one, honestly. But part of this refresh means getting back into reading, so I recently picked up The Female Brain, and I’m very into it and having been reading a little everyday.

2. Become a certified foster care sitter.
Turns out this isn’t a thing in California. It’s a thing in Massachusetts, which is where this idea first sprouted, but not here. So my next plan of action was to find a way to be more involved with the foster care system here in Orange County, but then Stella happened, and my time was given elsewhere. This is still something I’d like to be involved in at some point, but I’ll be pushing this one to another point in time.

3. Stick to a budget.
This has been horrible lately. My solution is to currently be on a spending freeze, where I’m only purchasing gas, groceries, and trying to not eat out as much. This will be tough once we get closer to the holidays, but if all else fails, maybe I’ll get a second job? Ha.

4. Go to sleep earlier at night.
Not too bad on this front. I still find it difficult to get out of the bed in the morning, and it doesn’t help that it’s darker in the mornings now, but for the most part I haven’t been going to sleep too late.

5. Run more.
Since making these goals, I have gone running maybe three times. How shameful. I have plenty of Stella-related excuses for this one, but the true reason is that I’m just a lazy girl. But I have a run scheduled for tomorrow after work. Someone keep me accountable.

6. Blog monthly.
Haha. I’m bringing the blog back and making up for my lack of blogging throughout the year. Coming down the pipeline is more on my cross-country road trip, a Life With Stella update, and other various trips I’ve taken.

7. Master the C chord on guitar.
I’m giving up on this for now. Tabling to another time.

8. Expand my Dutch vocabulary.
Also giving up on this one. Despite my obsession and fascination with the Dutch, it’s just not practical to utilize brain power on this right now. I don’t know when I’ll be visiting the Netherlands again, and I don’t have anyone to practice with nearby, so I’ll revisit this at some point as well.

9. Adopt a dog.

10. Take more pictures of people (myself included).
I’ve been pretty good at this one.

Thank you for reading about my goals. Hope your goal progress is going well, and if it isn’t, I hope this spurs you on to get back to them!

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