#crosscountryrachel – Massachusetts to Ohio

I’m in Boston these next few days to attend a wedding, so I figured, what better time than to write about when I officially left. I’ve been putting off writing this, because something about posting it will make it feel real, like I really did drive away and I no longer live here. Obviously, whether I post this or not, it is all real. I really did drive away and I no longer live here. But, there’s just something about putting it out there into the world.

As my plane landed yesterday morning, I had this sense like I was just coming home; as if this whole time, I’ve just been on one, really long, California vacation, and now it’s back to reality. I’m already an emotional person in a normal state, but the fact that I flew in on a red eye and got four hours of sleep means that the emotions were heightened, and Keytar Bear waved at me yesterday morning when I was downtown and I wanted to cry. But that’s not what this post is about. There is crying involved, of course, but it’s about my departure from Boston, not my return. So here we go…2017-05-30 09.13.22On May 30, I packed up my entire life into The Yaris. Amy came over, and Joey and Katie got up to see me off, as well. The weather matched my emotions perfectly. The air was crisp and the sun was bright, and I felt light and happy and ready for this new journey. I drove through Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio that day. Halfway through the drive, it started getting super foggy, and then it started to down pour. This all happened right around the time that I was asking myself if I had made a mistake. Did I leave too soon? Was it the right time? What was I thinking? Rain and tears fell together. It was very therapeutic, really. 13Almost ten hours later, I arrived in Cleveland. Cleveland is so cool. Granted, my judgment of the city may be a bit blemished due to all the emotions and excitement surrounding my big move, but I loved it. I stayed in The Cleveland Hostel, which is in a hip neighborhood, with a coffee shop on the first floor, the hostel in the middle, and a roof deck with a great view on the top. I had my own private room and bathroom, so it really felt more like a hotel than a hostel, save for the traveling European teens I met in the common room. I freshened up and walked over to Great Lakes Brewing Company for dinner, and of course, beers. I felt so empowered asking for a table for one. Though I wasn’t completely alone; some birds came and joined me, so that was a magical Snow White moment if there ever was one.2017-05-30 20.10.03I had what I was ready to dub my new favorite beer, and was quite tempted to buy a six pack of it, but I refrained since this was only the very first stop on my trip, and I knew there would be plenty more beers to taste. That, and I didn’t think I could possibly fit anything else into The Yaris. Both were valid points. I ended the night with some Mitchell’s Ice Cream, and went to bed. That night, I kept waking up, so I did what any good millennial does, and looked at Twitter. I found that #covfefe was going viral, and I quickly learned why. 56.pngThe replies and memes provided some entertainment, and I was so glad that I had woken up to witness this monumental moment in our history. Ha.

The next day, I walked around the West Side Market, then took a Lyft to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. After spending a good amount of time there, I walked around the iconic Arcade, ate pizza and drank beer at Masthead Brewing Co, and visited the Cleveland Botanical Garden. I ended the day with another solo dinner at Bakersfield, because #racheleatstacos.

Up next, Ohio to Wisconsin…

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