2017 and beyond…

Hello there. Time has been passing so quickly lately, and many things have happened. Well, not that many things, really–mainly, I got a job and moved to Orange County three months ago. And now I can go to Disneyland everyday because #annualpassholder.

My main goals for this past year were to hold a lamb, get a job, and eat more tacos. And I’m proud to share that I have met all three.

Now that I’m all moved into my apartment (shout out to Matt and Lily for letting me crash on their couch for three months!), it’s time to make space. Which is why that’s my word for 30. I’m going to be thirty years old in a little less than two weeks, and in keeping with tradition, my “theme word” for this upcoming year is Space.

I literally now have my own space, which is partly inspiration for this year’s word, but I also want to be intentional about creating space for the things I want to do. So here are this year’s goals:

  1. Read ten books this year.
  2. Become a certified foster care sitter.
  3. Stick to a budget.
  4. Go to sleep earlier at night.
  5. Run more.
  6. Blog monthly.
  7. Master the C chord on guitar.
  8. Expand my Dutch vocabulary.
  9. Adopt a dog.
  10. Take more pictures of people (myself included).

Happy New Year!

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