Fresh Leap

tacos racheleatstacosWhen I was turning 23, I made a list of 23 Things to do while I’m 23. I was not very good at making goals, because I only wanted to make goals if I thought I could meet them. I wanted to grow in that area though, and become OK with not always meeting my goals. I kept the habit up for 24, 25, and 26, and for 27, I made a list of ten goals (because I couldn’t come up with 27, haha).

Then, for 28, I tried something new. Inspired by my friend Rachael, who picks a “theme word” on her birthday each year, I decided that my word for 28 would be “leap.” And leap, I did. I continued to code, I quit my job, I dated someone, I travelled, I got broken up with, I travelled some more, I cooked, I ate at restaurants alone, I worked for True Vine, I babysat, I went on a road trip with my sister, I learned more about plants. It was a great year. And 2016 also happened to be a leap year, so that worked out nicely. My only two goals for the year were to get a job and hold a lamb, neither of which I did. How’s that for growing? lambThis year’s word is “fresh.” Fresh start, fresh place, fresh air. And lot’s of tacos. I carried over my “get a job” and “hold a lamb” goals from last year, and added “eat more tacos.” #racheleatstacos

So there we have it. We’re almost halfway through the year, and I finally held a lamb. I’ve eaten oh so many tacos. Now, I suppose it’s time to find a job, haha.

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