Hump Day Happies

Happy Hump Day! Here are some things that have been making me happy lately.

1. Green smoothiesI’ve gotten back into the habit of drinking a green smoothie everyday and it’s been great. I got a little off-track during my road trip, when my powdered-greens solution back-fired on me, but thankfully I’m back in the presence of fresh greens and a blender.

s-l2252. HummelsAmy’s mom has a bunch of these and apparently they’re a thing. This one is my favorite because duh, deer, and because look how cute it is! I almost got into a bidding war on e-bay over one, but I restrained myself.

pamplemousse_drops_ta-copy3. Grapefruit La CroixI’m not, however, restraining myself from these. I don’t really enjoy grapefruit or grapefruit-flavored things, but this has been my favorite La Croix flavor lately.

kdsd01-triple-decker-slipon-lively-floral-044. Rifle Paper KedsWhen I found out these were back on sale after being out of stock for a very long time, I couldn’t resist. What a great collaboration.

p_moana_digitalhd_b1af905c5. Moana. Moana is on Netflix now, so I got to re-watch it the other night. I definitely found a greater appreciation for it the second time around.

double-dark-chocolate_pint6. Talenti’s Double Dark ChocolateI’ve been trying to cut back on sweets, but this is my go-to when I’m craving a real treat-yourself treat.

19051359_538687106255120_2093553534665490432_n7. Lily’s apartment + patioI have yet to visit her place in person, but I love seeing pictures of my cousin’s place. When I need to feel inspired, I pop on over to her Instagram account (@lilyland).

ddiqilmvyaatvcs8. Ted Talk Gorilla. The internet is great.

originaldreamsfgiantstime20121010162003userid19099. The SF GiantsOne of the nice things about being back on the west coast is being able to catch Giants games. Oh how I’ve missed them.

10. Boba. Another nice thing about being back in the Bay Area means access to the best boba, and plenty of friends who can enjoy it with me.

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