Commuting With Crystal

Still Foolin' 'Em coverI’ve been reading Billy Crystal’s book on my kindle during my commute to and from my temp job, and it makes my ride on the T drastically better. Have you been on the orange line during rush hour lately? It’s kind of dreadful. Anyway, I love these types of books because they make me feel like I’m reading a friend’s blog, and I love my friends and I love blogs. I’ve particularly enjoyed Billy’s (we’re on a first-name basis since becoming friends) book because of the perspective on life that he’s unknowingly imparting to me.

He writes about getting old, and shares anecdotes on aging, as well as emphasizing the importance of dental hygiene. He also writes about his career, a topic of which I’m most interested in, since When Harry Met Sally is my favorite movie. In one chapter, he begins by sharing how he was anxious about turning forty, because it seemed like he was running out of time in life. But, as it turned out, his forties were “one of the most fertile and successful times in [his] career.” billyorangeHe couldn’t have known that at thirty-nine. Or at at twenty-seven, when his career was only just beginning. I’m sure if someone had told him who he would become, he wouldn’t have believed it. He couldn’t have imagined it. But now, he can look back and see how everything lined up and worked out, how the small pieces of the puzzle that is his life were slowly coming together to form a great picture, one that he couldn’t see before because he was just too close. But now it’s crystal clear.

Sometimes we need these reminders to help us reorient our perspectives. And to remind us of the importance of flossing.

2 thoughts on “Commuting With Crystal

  1. Stumbled upon your blog and already read 5 posts… Like your writing style. 🙂
    I love Billy Crystal, he just seems so relatable, and your post is making me think I need to read this book. (I too understand that you start to “feel” a “relationship” with characters in a book. Like – of course they’d know you too when you passed them on the street, tho’ I be too shy or too star-struck to say hi.

    And YES I have taken the Orange Line to commute – I agree. Suckful.

    Can’t wait to start following your blog.
    K of TAF

    1. thanks so much! I ended up finishing the book, and then watched his HBO one-man show, so now I really feel like I know him, haha.

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