Thankful: A List

Processed with VSCO with s3 presetThis year has been really good—it’s been stretching and happy and sad and stressful and relaxing, and I’m glad that it isn’t over yet. Here’s a roundup of what I’m thankful for so far, because Thanksgiving.

-parents who can get along

-natural light

-plants in my living room

-friends who take the time to know me

-Tom Hanks


-JP Pond

-the color green

-The Yaris

-New York


-the ability to run

-craft beer

-road trips with my sister

-quiet mornings

-really good almond milk

-painted nails


-cozy sweaters


-fire pits

-swimming in the ocean


-Nora Ephron


Happy Thanksgiving! I wish you plenty of turkey and pie and hugs.

2 thoughts on “Thankful: A List

  1. heh Tom Hanks. What a treasure. I’ve never tried almond milk I don’t think. Maybe almond creamer once or twice. Is there such a thing as bad almond milk? And amen about bagels. Did you ever order the ‘works’ bagel from Caje? holy crap that thing is amazing.

    1. I don’t really like almond milk from the store but I’ve recently tried super fresh and pure almond milk from Nectar & Green, a small company out here, and it’s SO good. and no I never did get that bagel from Caje. I think I only ever got hot chocolate or lattes when I went there haha.

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