Thankful: A List

This year has been really good—it’s been stretching and happy and sad and stressful and relaxing, and I’m glad that it isn’t over yet. Here’s a roundup of what I’m thankful for so far, because Thanksgiving. 

-parents who can get along

-natural light

-plants in my living room

-friends who take the time to know me 

-Tom Hanks


-JP Pond

-the color green

-The Yaris

-New York


-the ability to run 

-craft beer

-road trips with my sister 

-quiet mornings 

-really good almond milk

-painted nails 


-cozy sweaters


-fire pits

-swimming in the ocean 


-Nora Ephron 


Happy Thanksgiving! I wish you plenty of turkey and pie and hugs. 


2 thoughts on “Thankful: A List

  1. heh Tom Hanks. What a treasure. I’ve never tried almond milk I don’t think. Maybe almond creamer once or twice. Is there such a thing as bad almond milk? And amen about bagels. Did you ever order the ‘works’ bagel from Caje? holy crap that thing is amazing.

    1. I don’t really like almond milk from the store but I’ve recently tried super fresh and pure almond milk from Nectar & Green, a small company out here, and it’s SO good. and no I never did get that bagel from Caje. I think I only ever got hot chocolate or lattes when I went there haha.

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