A Holland Jaunt

A month ago I embarked on another journey to the Netherlands. I still love it there. And we did so many things.

2016-07-21 06.20.56Nicole was visiting her sister there, so she and I traveled together, which made the flight fly by (ha). We had a quick layover in Iceland, and arrived at Schiphol late morning. My aunt and cousin picked me up and we headed straight to Utrecht for food and beer. From there we visited Amersfoort, grabbed a drink by the water in Almere-Haven, then went to my other cousin’s house for takeout ribs in her backyard.

The next day, my aunt and cousin took me to the famous kaasmarkt (cheese market) in Alkmaar. During this time of year, on Fridays, you can go and see how cheese negotiations used to be made (more info here). Anything involving cheese is usually of interest to me, so it was quite enjoyable. We snacked on some poffertjes (Dutch pancakes), walked around the city center, then headed to Volendam.

We walked around a bit, then took a ferry to the island of Marken. We walked around some more (this trip involved lots of walking around), ate patats (Dutch fries), and visited the wooden shoe factory. I had to work hard to resist getting clogs, because how much more Snow White can this get?!

Later that night, back in Almere, my cousin and I went on a short bike ride, and I almost crashed into some teenagers who were playing PokemonGo. Fortunately, we all made it out without injury.

The rest of my visit included seeing Haarlem, Bloemendal, the Anne Frank House, eating so many more patats, and canal biking in Amsterdam.

For my last full day in this part of the world, my cousins took me to Bruges, Belgium. By this point of the trip, I was feeling a little overwhelmed by beauty, but that didn’t keep me from appreciating Bruges. The entire city is beautiful. We drank Belgium beer, ate Belgium waffles with Belgium chocolate, looked at Belgium buildings.
2016-07-25 17.33.05-1
Tot ziens, Nederland!

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