Processed with VSCOcam with se3 presetHello Dear Blog. I finally did it. Six months ago, I left a job I despised to pursue something else. Anything else, really. Here is what I’ve been doing these past six months.

A week after finishing work, I flew to LA to hang out with Summer, Lily, and Christine. My time with each of them was far too short, but I was glad for it nonetheless. From there, it was off to the Bay Area, and it was great taking advantage of my newly acquired time off.

The month filled up with a visit to Charlottesville, birthday parties, a visit to Portland, ME, babysitting the Abdulla girls during their spring break, Wine Riot with Megan, and a visit from Summer. Summer and I did so many things, including visiting the famous deer forest, driving to Burlington and back in one day, touring Rockport, and singing many songs.

May was for graduations, babysitting, bridal showers, tech workshops, and the start of wedding season for True Vine. I also visited Dallas for the first time (thanks to the Nichols and their hospitality).

June was consumed by weddings. I’ve been helping with True Vine (more on that later), and almost every day was accounted for. True Vine did its first Nantucket wedding, I drove cars onto ferries multiple times, Caitlin and Zach got married, my friends packed into The Yaris for camping in Acadia, and I took a random solo trip to New York City.

I moved to JP, Amelia and Tobi got married, True Vine had more weddings, I visited the Netherlands family, and then went off to London with Reality.

I returned from London and jumped back into True Vine things, and next week, I’m off to Spain.

And just like that, six months has gone by. Time really does fly when you’re having fun. I’ll probably need to get a job sometime soon, but for now, I’m enjoying the way I’m spending my time. I was pretty good at processing payroll, if I say so myself, which only fuels my hope that I’ll be that much better at something that interests me. And I’m slowly figuring that out, along with other random life things.

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