We are not dead, only thirsty…

The other day, an order of roses came in from California. They didn’t look like they were doing too well, having made the journey from across the country in a box with melted ice packs in the hot summer. But the box, to assure its receiver that its contents would be alright, had this picture on the outside:

We are not dead, only thirsty. I got the flowers into water and put them in the fridge, and the next day, they looked great. It was true. They just needed water. They were only thirsty.

They made me think about life. I’ve felt so weary lately. Like the days are passing me by too quickly. These flowers were a nice reminder that sometimes, when we feel down or weak, or when our bodies are rebelling against us via a cold that won’t cease (I’m looking at you, body), we need to get out of the box and drink up. And because fluids, lots of fluids, really do help make colds go away.

We are not dead, only thirsty.

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