The Blog That Lived

Hello World.

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It seems as though I’ve abandoned this blog of mine. It’s been with me through a lot. So here we are, reunited. So many things have been happening, and I want to write all about them. I’ve been waiting for a moment to catch my breath, but now I’m realizing that that moment will not come unless I allow it to. It’s already February! So as an intro back into the world of writing the words, here’s a goal update from when I was 27 years old.

These were my goals last year. I’m no longer measuring my year’s success based on what I get to cross off, because I did plenty to make up for the lines that remain. But here’s the list anyway.

1. Double my savings.
Not quite, but I did save enough to give me confidence to quit my job, so crossing off. Yeah. I quit my job! (Last day of work coming up later this month).

  1. Take a guitar class.
    Nope. I got a ukulele, though. But I don’t know how to play that, either…

3. Study Philippians.
Eh, sort of. I’ve been doing lots of bible studying this year, so I’m crossing this one off.

4. Fly a kite.
Yes! And I’m good at it.

  1. Knit a scarf.
    Ugh no. I give up on this one for now. Tabling for when I’m 67.

6. Visit Washington, DC.
Visited twice, actually!*

7. Pet a deer.
Yes, and it was the most wonderful of days!*

  1. Learn all about coffee.
    I’ve learned some about coffee, and I got a V60 and a coffee scale to aid me in my endeavors, but my attempts were not great enough to warrant a strike-through for this one.

9. Read ten new books.
I’ve lost track, because I’ve accumulated a giant pile of half-read books. So maybe? Crossing off. The new goal is to finish a book before starting a new one. But more on the new goals later.

10. Visit a new country.
The Netherlands AND France. Yay!*

Not bad for 27 years of life. This year has already started off quite grandly, so I have high hopes for you, 28. Now here’s to The Year of the Blog.

*these are all things I still plan on writing about, so stay tuned.

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