Busy Times

Life has been very busy these past few months. I’ll tell you all about it when I can. But even with the work I’ve had, I’ve still been able to enjoy many trips, which I want to tell you about soon. Coming up, posts about:

Atlanta + The Cohen Wedding

Memorial Day weekend in Washington, DC

Independence Day in Washington, DC

Portland, ME

The Cape

So many things. And I leave for Europe Monday night! More things to blog about, ha. I haven’t been great at posting updates. Maybe 2016 will be The Year of the Blog.

In sad news, the Mass(achusetts) Exodus has begun. Heidi moved back to Vermont and is getting MARRIED soon. Amie moved back to California, leaving me to drink cappuccinos alone. And others are leaving too. I hate it.

In happier news, Sarah and Tiff are coming to visit in the fall, and it’s going to be the most autumnal set of activities which will add great value to my life.


I get to go home for Thanksgiving! Yay holiday travel… <-sarcasm. But I haven’t been home for a holiday in two years and Thanksgiving has always been my most favorite of all the holidays.

Also, I moved into the big room in my apartment and it’s glorious. It has a working fireplace, so I’m ready for the winter time.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading.

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