This post is well overdue, but at least I’m finally getting around to telling you about Lily and Matt’s wedding.

We started the wedding festivities off with a Bridesmaids Brunch at The Filling Station in Orange  Circle. The food was very good and the weather was beautiful (though I definitely wasn’t used to it since I had come from the tundra that was the never-ending winter in Boston).

After brunch and walking around for a bit, Lily, her cousin Andrea, and I drove along the coast to Ruby’s Shake Shack in Newport Beach. We drank shakes and watched the waves crash and listened to all the people around us and it was very relaxing. It kind of reminded me of The Spot, a place Christine and I frequented in college, which we actually affectionately referred to as “The Shack.” From there we continued down the coast and drove through Laguna Beach to get to San Juan Capistrano for the rehearsal. The rehearsal dinner was hosted by the Eggers. They live in a beautiful home in the Orange Hills, and their backyard overlooks the valley. We could even see the fireworks from Disneyland. After a long day of pre-wedding fun, it was time to sleep.

Wedding day began with a donut hunt for the bride. I was determined to find Lily a strawberry donut, and I did! Thank you, Pink Ribbon Donuts. I also decided that I needed to get Lily the typical Starbucks cup with the word “bride” written on it. I felt a little silly asking, and then felt even sillier when the barista gave me a weird look. You’d think they’d be used to this? Oh well–I was determined, so weird looks alone weren’t going to stop me. The rest of the day was spent hanging out, eating donuts, getting ready, and trying very hard not to cry. The not crying was definitely a challenge, from the start of the day, to the getting ready times, to the photos, all the way up to walking down the aisle.My attempts to not cry all proved futile once the ceremony began. Lily and Matt chose to write their own vows, and wow. They were so good. (I never thought I’d write my own, but I was so inspired by theirs that I just might.)

Then it was time to celebrate! It was so nice getting to hang with my family and Christine and Summer. The food was great, the dancing was fun, and it was overall a beautiful night. I especially enjoyed getting to sign the marriage certificate, haha.
Congrats again to my Tousins, who are now going on almost three months of marriage!

bridesmaid photos by Nicholas Dunne Photography

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