Boston Anew

Last weekend Jia Min came into town to visit Boston. I was hoping that I could see Boston through her eyes, since she had never been before, and that it would remind me of why I love this city. I couldn’t have hoped for more because it was one of the best weekends.

I picked her up from the airport Friday night and we had dinner at The Gallows. The next day we started our day at Flour, where Jia Min tried the sticky bun, upon my (and pretty much all of Boston’s) recommendation. Rachael met us there and we walked to Copley Square. We walked around the library and sat in the courtyard for a bit. It was quite lovely since it was so beautiful out.

From there we walked down Newbury and stopped in Trident. And of course, I had to buy some books. From there we walked down Newbury through the garden and the common, and grabbed a late lunch at Stoddard’s. Not sure if our extreme hunger influenced our opinions, but the food was super good and the ambiance in there is pretty cool.

After lunch, we walked around some more before Rachael had to leave us. Jia Min and I went to Thinking Cup in the North End so that she could try a French hot chocolate (I got a cortado). We made a stop at Mike’s for cannolis then took the bus to Harpoon. Love that place. Their beer hall is cool to hang in, and even if you don’t like beer, you can enjoy the best pretzels and root beer.

On Sunday after church we went to Shake Shack in Harvard Square and then walked around that area for a bit. We took the red line back into downtown, stopped at Thinking Cup in the Common, then hung out on Amie’s roof, because THE ROOF DECK IS OPEN. This made me immeasurably happy. Amie was recently gifted a selfie stick, so we had way too much fun with that.

So thankful for that refreshing Boston weekend. And for spring!

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