Stranded in SF

Back in February, when I went back for Lily’s bridal shower, I ended up getting stranded due to my flight being cancelled, thanks to one of the many storms we had in Boston this past winter. I was thankful for the forced vacation, and had the chance to just hang out and explore San Francisco.
I started Sunday out with some Philz Coffee, then went to RSF and ran into Erik from Boston. That was a fun surprise. Then I went to lunch with Lindsay and Jia Min at West of Pecos, and Lindsay and I met up with Kristyn and Tanya for a mini women’s group reunion at Tartine.

On Monday, Dad and I met Steph at her work so that we could grab lunch together. We had burgers at Flipper’s and they were very good. Then Dad and I got some Blue Bottle Coffee and I had him drive me around the city. Then I got to end the night by catching up with Eric and Franklin over pho in good ol’ downtown South City.

The next day I took BART to Berkeley and met up with Gabriel for a little bit, then had Indian for lunch with Sierra, just like our Jamba days. It was so good to catch up with both of them. When Steph got off work, we headed over to the Outer Sunset for boba at Purple Kow. Oh how I miss SF boba.

I spent my last day of freedom walking around the city alone–perfect introvert time. I walked to BART and started the day in the Mission with coffee from Four Barrel. Then I went to Tartine, Bi-Rite, and Dolores Park. From there I walked to Thorough Bread, one of my favorite little places in the city, and sat in their back patio (one of my favorite former pastimes). From there I walked to Alamo Square Park and waited for Steph to get off of work. We hung out for a bit, and then it was time to pack up. I had sushi with Tiff and Noelle, and then Tiff and Sarah took me to the airport.

Forced vacations are the best.

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