I Love Lucy/Lily

I realized that I never wrote about my visit to SF back in September (oops). Cristina and David got married, which was the main reason for my trip, but it also worked out that Matt decided to use that weekend to propose to Lily. I got to surprise her at home that night. (Other highlights from that trip include getting to hang with Kaitlyn and baby Ethan and going to a Giants game with Tiff and Steph).

Anyway, Lily is getting married in a little less than two weeks (!!) and I’m her Maid of Honor, so last month I flew out to California to throw her an “I Love Lucy” themed bridal shower. She’s always been obsessed with all things Lucy, so it seemed fitting that this would be the theme. We changed it to “I Love Lily” and showed her just how well we could love her.

I found these invitation templates on Etsy and had them printed at FedEx Office. I included some notecards in every envelope with a little note inviting guests to share a favorite recipe with Lily, so that she can be a housewife like Lucy.

I really did a horrible job of taking pictures this day–once guests started arriving and chaos ensued I was too focused on being a good hostess with the mostess. Sorry–forget I just said that last part… Fortunately Lily took some to make up for the ones that I missed.

photo booth

My mom let me take over her house for the party, which was decorated accordingly, with the huge help of our mothers. (Note: If you’re trying to plan a party from across the other side of the country, take the help of mothers when it is offered.) For favors I got little boxes and filled them with Sees Candies chocolates as a nod to the chocolate factory episode. I drew inspiration for the favors from here.

For games we played Lucy Bridal Bingo, Draw Lily’s Dream Home, and Guess the Spice. I wasn’t sure how the games would work out, but they turned out to be pretty fun. I made bingo cards with an online bingo generator (thanks Summer), then had everyone turn theirs sheets over so that they could draw Lily’s dream house–on top of their heads, without looking. Then we passed around different spices that I had wrapped up with paper to hide their identities. We had the final winners play a round of “hot potato” as a tie-breaker–only we used a spatula, and they had to pass it around by holding it in between their legs.

Then it was time for presents, and on our mothers’ insistence, and because this was, after all, a bridal shower, I took note of all the things Lily said whilst she opened her gifts so that we could read them back as “Things She’ll Say on Her Wedding Night.” Some of our favorites were:

“It’s sideways”
“Oh wow, it’s heavy”
“I don’t wanna break it” 
“It’s so little”
“You want me to pull it out?”

Once that was all out of our systems, it was time for cake. Lily’s friend Glorisabel makes cakes, and she graciously made Lily’s. They turned out great. We also got some cupcakes that were delicious. I’m still dreaming about those babies. I also made a batch of coffee, which the in-house coffee drinkers were very impressed by, if I do say so myself. Except for my mother, who insisted on adding hot water to it because “it was just so strong.” Whatever, mom. Love ya.

Overall I’d say the shower was a success. Can’t wait to stand beside Lily on her big day! Now to finish writing my MOH speech…

2 thoughts on “I Love Lucy/Lily

  1. That day was a blast. Your coffee was awesome, the games were fun nods to our birthday parties, and the cupcakes were divine. Seriously, you did a great job all around!

    Can't wait to see you in two weeks!!

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