Hump Day Happies (03.04.15)

Happy Hump Day! Here are some things that are making me happy lately.
  1. Happy Endings. My fandom towards Casey Wilson continues. I just finished season one and am bummed that I now only have two seasons left. Why oh why were you cancelled?!

  2. Falafel. I just love it so much–Falafel King is everything.

  1. Summer sent me this in a pin and I just love it so much since it’s all about the best movie ever.

  2. Podcasts. I’ve rediscovered the convenience and fun that is the podcast recently and I’ve been catching up on sermons and it’s been very good.

  1. This kitchen that I want to stand in always.
  1. Snow White and this pin which made me laugh.
  1. Coffee. I just love it so much. I had a horrible cold all last week and forced myself to not drink any coffee since caffeine dries out your throat. I was fine–but oh how I missed it. So I’m not taking it for granted now that my throat is fairly back to normal.

  2. Essie’s Geranium nail polish. I just love it. I included it on my last HDH post and had to include it again because I’m currently wearing it in order to be in more of an It’s Almost Spring!” mood. And it’s helped a lot.

  1. This smiling little lamb. So adorable.
  1. These Sharpie pens. They don’t bleed through paper and I want to write everything with them always.

2 thoughts on “Hump Day Happies (03.04.15)

  1. What sermons are you listening to? I've been trying to find some but haven't had much luck. What other podcasts are you listening to? I'm a little podcast obsessed.

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