The Treacherous Trek to Vermont

I wanted to go on an adventure for MLK weekend. Many of my friends weren’t available for the whole weekend, but Heidi was going to be at her parents’ house in Vermont, and she said we could stay a night there if we wanted to. So Sunday after church, Joey, Misael, and I set off for Vermont. We figured we’d at least have the evening there and then the whole day on Monday. We set our destination to Worthy Burger, which my roommate Megan had told us about. We estimated that it would take us about 2 and 1/2 hours to get there. We had snacks, we had Spotify playlists, and we had a thirst for adventure. We started off, just as it started to sprinkle. As we drove along, it started to rain harder and harder, and eventually we hit so much traffic that we were at a standstill. Our spirits were still high, though, and we enjoyed listening and singing along to all the songs.

About five hours later, spirits a little lower and stomachs grumbling, we pulled off the highway into South Royalton, Vermont. We drove down dark dirt roads until we finally arrived at our destination–smack in The Middle of Nowhere. Thanks to a teeny, tiny, hand-written sign, we found the parking lot for Worthy Burger. The only problem was that the road had turned into an ice-skating rink. Meaning that it was covered in thick, slick ice, and we quickly learned that The Yaris does NOT do well in such conditions. I put the car in neutral and we rolled down the hill, and were magically able to make it into a parking lot. We skated over to the restaurant, and had some really good burgers. Or as Joey put it, the best burger of his life.

Refueled and reenergized, we were ready to hit the road again. As we drove along, it started to snow, and then it kept snowing, and then it was snowing harder and harder until the road was covered in snow and we were going about 20 MPH. And then we were swerving and being tossed about by wind and snow and finally ended up going 10 MPH without even touching the accelerator. I really thought we were going to die. Our trip that should have only taken us about four hours was now stretching into eight. I was confident that we’d get there eventually, but wasn’t sure how we’d make it up and down the dirt roads of Jericho.

pc: Heidi

Finally, Heidi suggested we stop at a Park & Ride so that she could come pick us up. Two hours later, we finally made it to the Richmond Park & Ride, alive. We kissed the ground and celebrated, and then Heidi came to the rescue and picked us up. I wanted an adventure, and I got it.

pc: Misael

Safe and sound, full of hot chocolate, we went to bed. The next day, we awoke to a magical winter wonderland. The snow was so beautiful. We went on a wintery forest walk and had the loveliest time.

After our walk, we headed to Burlington. We went to August First for coffee and lunch and it was so good. Then we stopped in City Market, which always makes me feel like I’m in SF. Heidi drove us to the Park & Ride so that I could get my car, and we were on our way back to Boston. It snowed while we were in Vermont, but it wasn’t anything like the conditions on our way up there, so I was a pro at that point.

Overall, it was a really fun trip, and I’m looking forward to visiting Vermont again soon. I will not, however, be driving through a snow storm anytime soon. The Yaris and my heart cannot take it.

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