A Weekend in Southern California

I got to go to Southern California in November for a quick visit for Brian and Morgan’s wedding and it was quite nice. (Again, I’m way behind on the vacation recaps…)

I flew out of Logan and arrived at LAX on a Wednesday night. Christine picked me up and we hung out at her house.

The next day, she drove me to UCLA so that I could catch a bus to the Amtrak station in Van Nuys. From there I went to Anaheim, where Matt picked up.

We visited the Anaheim Packing District, which is a super cool spot for food and hanging. After some great Indian food (and naan, which we were given for free because we were nice to the cashier after a lady was rude to her), we drove to Orange Circle. Matt had to get back to work so he dropped me off so I could explore until Lily got off work. I got a pedicure and visited some antique stores. Then Lily came and we did some shopping and ate sushi at Tokyo Cafe.

No trip to SoCal is complete without a visit to The Places, so the following morning, Summer and Christine came and picked me up and we headed to Disneyland.

This goes without saying, but that was very wonderful. At the end of the day, we drove Christine home and then Summer and I drove to her house.

We hung out in the morning, and then got sushi at Hikari Sushi (I ate a lot of sushi that weekend and I was very OK with that). Then I got ready for The Nichols’ Wedding and Summer drove me to the Westlake Village Inn for the ceremony and reception. It was very small and lovely and then we ate lots of food and drank lots of wine and did lots of dancing.

The day after The Wedding, Megan and I made a stop at Taco Bell, because when you live in the city and you’re somewhere else and you find a Taco Bell, you go to Taco Bell. For breakfast. Morgan’s mother invited us to her home for a lovely brunch (which we still enjoyed even after our Taco Bell Breakfast) and relaxing time.

Morgan got a limo to take us to LAX, so we of course made a stop at In ‘n’ Out. Megan had never had it before, so I was glad to be there for the moment. Then we left California on a Red Eye to Massachusetts. And I hope to never fly on a Red Eye again.

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