Morning Routine

I’m fascinated by morning routines. I am a self-declared night owl, and despise opening my eyes to the sound of my alarm going off every morning. Inspired by Emily’s day-in-the-life post, I’m here to share with you my morning routine–and only because I’m slightly embarrassed by it and hope that, by posting it, I can motivate myself to establish a more respectable morning.

7:00 AM – First alarm sounds. I turn it off. It does not snooze.

7:13 AM – Second alarm sounds. I hit snooze.

7:22 AM – Third alarm sounds. I hit snooze.

7:31 AM – Fourth alarm sounds. I hit snooze. I make the first attempt of forcing my eyes open. I check Instagram, email, and look at any texts I may have received while I slept.

(are you judging me yet?)

7:40 AM – I get out of bed, turn on my hair straightener, and brush my teeth.

7:46 AM – Once back in my room, I make my bed, straighten my hair, put on moisturizer, eyeliner, and mascara, and get dressed. I pick my clothes out the night before so that I don’t have to think about it in the morning (when very little brain power is being used already).

7:54 AM – I put on my shoes, my winter jacket, hat, scarf, and gloves if it’s cold enough, grab my keys and head out the door.

7:59 AM – I get onto the bus and usually catch up on Twitter or read something from my Kindle.

8:15 AM – The bus has arrived at Downtown Crossing and I walk to my building.

8:21 AM – Sometimes I stop into Cosi for a bagel.

8:27 AM – I’m now at my desk at work. After getting settled, I get some coffee, and if I didn’t get a bagel, I eat some cereal.

9:11 AM – Coffee #2.

10:22 AM – Coffee #3.

And that is my morning.

Now here’s what I wish I could say my morning looks like:

6:00 AM – Alarm goes off I awaken on my own, refreshed after my sleep and ready to start the day. I get up and make some coffee–either via Chemex or French Press, depending on nothing in particular, and get back into my warm bed and read my Bible, journal, and pray. The birds chirp outside whilst an overwhelming peace falls over me.

7:00 AM – I read one or two articles out of the New Yorker, then get up to fix my bed and turn my straightener on.

7:30 AM – I brush my teeth, straighten my hair, put my moisturizer, eyeliner, and mascara on, and get dressed.

7:45 AM – I go into the kitchen and pour a bowl of cereal or prepare some yogurt with granola and berries. I eat, then wash my dishes.

7:55 AM – Off to the bus I go.

I think my imaginary morning is perfectly reasonable, except for the part where I wake up at 6 AM on my own. Lord help me. But this is why I’m sharing this with you. So that you can keep me accountable. What’s your morning routine?

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