Steph in Boston

Back in September (yes, I’m very behind in my blogging), Stephanie came to visit me in Boston. It was nice because she had never been to the east coast so I got to show her all the things. She arrived on a Saturday and we had burgers at Union then walked all around the North End in the rain. We grabbed cannolis from Mike’s Pastry (of course) and snuggled up back home with them and a movie. It was quite lovely. The next day was church, and then later that night a bunch of us saw The Lion King at the Boston Opera House. I, of course, bawled throughout the entire thing. Almost inconsolably so. Like why do they do that to us? Why do I do this to myself, is perhaps, a better question.

I had work during the weekdays, so Steph used that time to explore the city. That Monday night we had tacos at Lolita’s with Daliah, Laura, and Heidi. Love that place. And those people.

That Thursday night we took a Bolt bus to New York City. We woke up super early the next morning and got started with our day. First stop–Tom’s so that we could get our pictures with the famous Seinfeld Restaurant, haha. From there we went to the pop-up Central Perk. It was really fun to see all the different props set up. And then we got to sit on the couch and that was wonderful.

From there we saw the Brooklyn Bridge, made a pit-stop at Jamba Juice, walked through Washington Square Park, went to the Friends apartment building, and stopped in Times Square. Then we walked around the Met for a bit, through Central Park, and met Michelle at Starbucks near her office for a bit. By this time of the day, we were starving, so we finally made our way over to Shake Shack in Madison Square Park.

Next on the list of places to see were Grand Central Station, the NBC Experience Store, and Rockefeller Center. By this point, after our very full day, we were both exhausted and ready to just get on our bus back to Boston. We made it back and went straight to sleep.

The next day was her last day. We grabbed breakfast at Mike’s Diner and walked around my neighborhood to relax. Then, sadly, it was time to part. Until your next visit, dear sister.

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