26 Things | Months Eight, Nine, & Ten

I have abandoned this little life project of mine. I started making these goals each year three years ago, when I decided I needed to strive for things in life. Since then, I’ve done plenty of striving and plenty of living. So much so that I’ve taken to hiding out in my bedroom on quiet, rainy days, like today, to recharge and reflect. And because of that, I feel like I’m succeeding.  Despite what this list tells us.

1. Write a novel.
2. Knit a scarf.
3. Create a family tree.
I started working on this. I’ve been using this site. It can get so confusing though. My family is large enough as it is, and people keep confusing the matter by getting married and having babies. Sheesh.

4. Cook through a cook book.
5. Visit 13 new restaurants in Boston.

Learn – I have done none of these things, although I did purchase a study book for Philippians, so there’s a start.
6. Take a photography class.
7. Take an acting class.
8. Read Les Miserables.
9. Use a sewing machine.
10. Do a Philippians bible study.

Organize – I had crossed off #14, but I’m un-crossing it, as my bookshelf is now a mess again. And I hung frames up on my wall, finally. I just have yet to fill the frames with pictures…
11. Organize my music.
12. Organize my pictures.
13. Organize my bookshelf.
14. Hang pictures in room.
15. Organize computer documents.

16. Reach my savings goal.
I’ve spent so much money this year! But I’m still close to my goal, and thanks to year-end bonuses, I think I’ll be able to make it.

17. Fly a kite.
18. Lose 26 pounds.
Does ten count?

19. Get new glasses.
20. Find a doctor in Boston.
21. Find a dentist in Boston.

22. Visit New York City.
23. See a broadway show in NYC.
24. Visit Washington DC.
25. Visit Philadelphia.

26. Go on a weekend trip alone.
Crossing this one off thanks to my Chicago trip. Even though I wasn’t completely alone, since I met up with Anna-Marie (and her now fiance!), but I was alone for most of it. It was very fun and I’m ready for my next solo trip.

Even though I still have a few months, I’ve been thinking about my goals for next year. I’ll be 27, but based on my progress this past year, I don’t think I’ll be making 27 goals. I want to set goals less goals so that I can maybe meet them all. Oh, life.

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