Fall Checklist

I’m quite behind on some things I’d like to blog, but today I’ve been distracted by the joy that autumn brings. Here are all the things I’d like to find time to do before the most wonderful time of the year is over. (Why are there no songs for this season?!)

  1. Go apple-picking.
  2. Bake an apple pie, with those freshly-picked apples.
  3. Make this autumnal pizza.
  4. Watch When Harry Met Sally — this movie is like an ode to the seasons (and New York).
  5. Speaking of New York — walk through Central Park.
  6. Sit around a campfire (extra points if those involved are wearing flannel).
  7. Bake pumpkin bread.
  8. Do a clothing purge. Nothing like some good Fall Cleaning.
  9. Read a book under a cozy blanket.
  10. Paint my nails in fall colors.

I wish the autumn times would last longer…

One thought on “Fall Checklist

  1. The campfire in flannel sounds amazing.
    and the bread.
    and obv Central Park in fall – technically that IS in a song… still not quite a 'fall' song though. You should write one.

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