SF Week

After my weekend in LA, it was time to head home to SF. Christine dropped me off at LAX. Dad picked me up and noticed my nose ring in approximately 1.5 seconds, haha. We got food from In N Out then hung out at home. Steph came home from work and we got more food for dinner, and then Sarah and Tiff picked me up and took me to get boba at Sharetea in San Mateo. It was good. Oh how I miss In N Out and good boba. And my friends and family, of course.

The next day, I borrowed Dad’s car and went to Emeryville. I made a stop at Peet’s and then went over to Jamba. It was weird being back. It was like I had never been gone. I walked in, and everyone was already waiting for me at the lunch tables. It was so nice. After lunch, I walked around saying hi and ended up staying there for like three hours, haha. From there I went over to Gilbert & Kaitlyn’s and got to meet baby Ethan. He’s so cute! It was nice catching up with them. From there I took BART with Tiff and Noelle over to Southside Spirit House and we met up with Franklin, Sarah, and Brian for trivia and Jenga (I am NOT good at Jenga). It was fun, but for a moment I forgot that I wasn’t in Boston, and considered texting Amelia to see what she was doing, and if she wanted to come meet us, haha. That was weird. It had been a busy, but fun, day.

photo cred: @erikaella

The next day, I got up early with Steph and we went and got juice from Jamba. Then I took BART to El Cerrito to get my car, since Mom had left it for me. I made a pitstop on Treasure Island to enjoy the view of the SF skyline, then went over to Philz for some wonderful coffee and journal time. Haha. It was very nice. Then I went over to the RSF Office and met up with Kristyn. We got sushi from Mikado Sushi. From there I went to the Sunset and hung out with Erika and Isabelle. She’s getting so big. Oh how I miss them.

photo cred: @lilyland

Then it was time to drive to Fairfield. Two and half hours later, I was home. I went to the store and then cooked. Lily and Alex came over so that we could have a cousin sleepover. That was super fun. Mom and Steph took the next day off, so we just hung around the house together. We went to the Fairfield Farmer’s Market, got some Chick-fil-A, and got some groceries. Later that night Mom and I drove to SFO to pick up Christine and Summer.

The next day was Kristen’s wedding. We got up and made breakfast and hung around the house. Then we drove to Roseville and stopped at Mary & Mario’s house to get ready for the wedding and to hang with them. It so nice seeing everyone. From there we went to the wedding. Kristen’s wedding was beautiful–it was just what I imagined her wedding would be like. And her husband is perfect for her. So wonderful.

The next day was Napa Day. Our first stop was Bouchon Bakery. We ran into Melissa, which was fun. Then we went over to V. Sattui and bought wine and bread and cheese and prosciutto and ate and drank it all on one of their picnic tables. It was so lovely and relaxing.

From there we visited Castello di Amorosa. Then it was off to the Oxbow for the best ice cream ever (Three Twins Land of Milk & Honey). I got some to-go and then we went to The Habit for dinner.

The next day we went to RSF for church. It was nice seeing everybody. Afterwards we got burritos at Casa Mexicana. This trip involved lots of eating. Then we got ice cream at Bi-Rite and went over to Bernal Heights Hill to look at the SF views. It was very wonderful. Then it was time to take Christine and Summer to the airport. That was not so wonderful. Valerie and Renee brought Rohan and Elle over for a sleepover, so that was fun. The next day, we all got breakfast, Renee picked up the kids, and then Dad drove me to the airport.

And that was my trip. Being back in SF was really nice, but it was also kind of weird. When I arrived, I got this feeling that “I don’t belong here.” Boston very much feels like home, and while I loved seeing everyone and visiting all my favorite places, I no longer feel the pull to SF that I felt a few years ago. It’s bittersweet, but I’m so glad that I live in Boston.


photo cred, unless otherwise stated, goes to Summer’s phone, Christine’s phone, Christine’s camera, and Mom’s camera, as well as my phone

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