Memorial Vermont Weekend

This post is long overdue, but over Memorial Day Weekend, I went to Vermont with Heidi.

We left Saturday morning and took our time getting up there. We stopped in Stowe and visited the Von Trapp Family Lodge. We sang to the hills for a bit before it started pouring rain. We ran into the lodge, but not before getting perfectly soaked. We hung out in there for a bit, waiting for the rain to die down. Then we had lunch with Heidi’s mom and her sister, Abby. From there we drove through The Notch and did a mini hike down to the waterfall. It was so beautiful and relaxing. From there we headed over to Burlington to Hannah’s house, Heidi’s other sister, and had dinner and hung out.

photo cred for the four above: Heidi


The next day was Heidi and Hannah’s race. Heidi ran the first half of the marathon with Hannah. Hannah’s fiance, Scott, and I walked over to the race so that he could run the second half with Hannah. We met up with Heidi’s other sister, Bea, and family and waited for Hannah and Scott to finish. They’re so inspirational. Later on, we of course had to get cree-mees. We walked around Church Street in Burlington for a bit. Heidi bought me a UVM mason jar to-go cup. Later on, we went to City Market and I bought fresh almond butter in a mason jar. I’m so Vermont now.

The next day, we visited Shelburne Farms with Heidi’s family. It’s so pretty there. I got to pet some lambs, cows, and chickens. We had breakfast at the inn, which overlooks the lake. It reminded me of The Sound of Music. After our lovely morning there, Heidi, Abby, their mom, and I got pedicures.

We ended our weekend back in Boston with dinner from South End Pita. Falafel, I love you.

And Vermont–I love you.

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