One Year in Boston

I arrived in Boston exactly a year ago today. And I’ve never been happier. Boston feels like a long lost sister. Now that I know her, part of me is in awe of what I’m learning, while another part is saddened by the knowledge that I missed out on so much by not meeting her sooner. That’s usually our greatest regret though, isn’t it? Not doing things sooner. But I guess, sometimes waiting makes us that much more appreciative.

Since living here, I’ve experienced living with and installing a window AC unit, (and living without one for my first few days–I do not wish that on anyone), a bruised tailbone, humidity that makes you feel like you’re being hugged by wet plastic wrap, berry picking, pie baking, Vermont maple syrup, apple picking, beautiful autumn leaves, life without Disney, playing soccer, life without a car, snow storms, taxis, bus rides to New York, frigid cold, building a snowman, slipping on ice, tripping on air (I guess technically that doesn’t just happen in Boston), knitting, cooking like an adult (and hating it), juicing, Paleo, seasonal eating, blustery days, endless bus rides, beer, accents, wicked, four seasons, cannolis, American spirit, the best community, and clam chowdah.

I love it here. Here’s to more Boston living and loving.

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