Hump Day Happies (07.02.14)

Here’s a random Hump Day Happies. Because it’s the Wednesday before a holiday weekend and that should make us all very happy.

1. The Mindy Project. I love Mindy. She’s hilarious and I can’t wait for her newest season to come out.

Gelato Fiasco

2. Gelato. I just love it so much. The other night Amie, Aaron, and I went over to Mike’s and I got their raspberry gelato. The best. Though it doesn’t top Gelato Fiasco in Portland, ME. Still thinking about that place…

3. Chicken Tikka Masala. I have yet to find my go-to Indian place here in Boston (oh, how I miss you, Wazwan!). The few places I’ve tried are either too far away from me or too expensive, so a few weeks ago, I decided to make my own. And it actually turned out alright! I haven’t made it again yet, but I look forward to playing around with the ingredients to find the perfect version. Maybe this is why people like to cook. Hmm.

4. My Broadway Spotify Playlist. I have to continually remind myself that listening to it just makes my day better.

5. Marcel the Shell With Shoes On. I’ve blogged about this before but I was reminded of it for some reason the other day and it’s just so cute.

6. Annie’s Mac & Cheese. I’ve been eating way too much of this lately than I’d care to admit, but it’s just the best.

7. Summer in Boston. I am not the biggest fan of the humidity, but it’s been so fun experiencing all four seasons. Now that I’ve almost been here for exactly a full year, I’ve seen all four, and with summer comes this idea of freedom. And how appropriate, since Independence Day is this Friday.

8. This tiny house in Oregon. This couple built their own tiny house and it’s so cute and efficient. If only I could have my own in the woods somewhere.

9. Geranium Essie nail polish. It’s so springy and summery and perfect.

10. This lovely picture. It’s just so perfectly Snow White-y and I can’t handle it.

Happy Wednesday!

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