Mom in Boston

After our NYC weekend, Mom was here in Boston with me for another whole week. That Monday was Marathon Monday. I didn’t really get to see any of it live since I had to work, but the office had the TV on showing the footage, so we kept taking little breaks to go watch the progress. When I got home from work, Mom and I went across the street and got salads from Code 10, and then hung out up on the roof. We ended the night by watching Frozen. Mom did not cry. I, of course, did.

The next day Mom left with me for work and walked most of the Freedom Trail. Then she came to my office and met my team. We went to lunch at Quincy Market. I had never actually been in there, and didn’t realize there were so many touristy food options. Good to know. I went back to work while she hung around, and then we met there again for dinner, haha. Bacon-wrapped scallops. Oh man. From there I took her to Amie’s apartment so she could see the roof deck view, and then we just hung out there for a bit.

I had gotten Red Sox tickets from work, and it worked out that my tickets were for the Wednesday that my mom was here. After work we met at Park Street then went over to Fenway. It was FREEZING, and I was so unprepared for the cold, but it was a fun night, and the Red Sox won, so it made it worth it. Meb Keflezighi, the winner of this year’s Boston Marathon, got to throw the first pitch, so that was kind of cool to see.

Thursday was another relaxing evening. I met Mom at Copley and we had dinner on Newbury at Papa Razzi. It was pretty good, especially after the disaster of a meal we had experienced in Little Italy in NYC the weekend prior. From there we went to the North End (yes, we should’ve eaten Italian food there… next time) and got cannolis from Mike’s. We didn’t want to eat them just yet though, so we got gelato and sat in North Square. Note: their raspberry gelato is the absolute best.

Motif #1
“Sitka, Alaska”

That Friday, I took the day off and we rented a Zipcar. We drove up to Rockport on the North Shore. That is just the quaintest, most picturesque little town. While there, we learned that the Sitka, AK scenes from The Proposal were actually filmed in Rockport, MA. We had a lovely time strolling all about. Mom even purchased some prints from a local artist, featuring Rockport’s Motif #1.

From Rockport, we made a pitstop at Costco in Danvers. I wanted to take full advantage of having a car and my mom’s Costco card. Once done there, we stopped in Salem and walked around there for a bit. Everything was pretty much closed, which gave it even more of an eery vibe.

We spent that Saturday morning sleeping in. Then we took a walk and had buffet lunch at Mela (second Indian food stop of Mom’s visit, haha). From there we walked around my lovely neighborhood some more, and did some shopping at Copley Mall and the Pru before calling it a day.

That Sunday was Mom’s birthday. We went to church, where she got to meet my friends. After church we went over to Charles Street and had brunch at the Paramount. We walked around Beacon Hill for a bit, then got ice cream at JP Lick’s. From there we walked through the garden. I was singing and animals started coming over to me–some ducks, then a squirrel. It works, you guys. Since we weren’t ready for the day to end just yet, we went and saw Noah. It was very weird, and there was a couple sitting in our row who talked THE ENTIRE TIME. So it was not a very enjoyable experience. But the acting was good, as was the popcorn. Ha. We went home so that Mom could pack, and then she left the next day.

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