Reading: I’ve been meaning to read Quiet for a while now, and I finally picked it up a week or so ago. I love the affirmation it gives to those like me who love the quiet things of life. Power to Introverts!

Watching: The Mindy Project. I cannot get enough of this girl. She’s probably my soul mate. She says and does and eats and wears what she wants and I love it all. I can’t wait for her second book.

Eating: See’s Candies. My Mom was here visiting this past week and a half and she brought lots of chocolates for my roommates and coworkers.

Thinking about: Which MacBook to buy. I have real problems, guys. And also how I really need to figure out my life passions so that I can pursue them and live “the dream” and stuff. So far I’m mainly passionate about drinking coffee and wine and eating falafel.

Trying: To get in shape! If I’m going to achieve #18 of my 26 Things, I need to get going on this working out thing. Eck. Also trying to not think about how cold it STILL is outside. Today felt like a normal winter day. Even though it’s almost May. Ugh. Upside–I can blame my lack of workout motivation on the freezing cold temperatures, right?

Loving: Life! As cheesy as that sounds, haha. I’ve been having so much fun. At least on the weekends, haha. Which I’ll continue to blog about. I love living in Boston. There is beauty everywhere here and I’m enjoying taking it all in.

Working on: Getting into a routine. Ever since I rearranged my room a couple weeks ago, I feel like I live a whole new life. It’s funny how one simple thing can change so much. And with this new life of mine comes a new schedule. I’ve been trying to become a morning person for a while now, to no avail, but I’m hoping that if I can get into a routine, I can more easily stick to this new life where I wake up early, drink coffee whilst journaling in my room, candle lit, and then head off to work with a cheery disposition. I’m thinking about buying this little table to put next to my chair in my room and use as a desk. An Ikea trip is in order.

Thanks to Danielle for inspiring these posts.

2 thoughts on “Currently

  1. “So far I'm mainly passionate about drinking coffee and wine and eating falafel.” This is perfect.

    So far I think I'm passionate about buying journals, coffee and online window shopping. We'll get there.

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