Franklin in Boston

Last month Franklin came and visited Boston. He got in on a Thursday night, so we started his visit with Shake Shack in Harvard Square and then a cannoli from Mike’s, of course. I took that Friday off and rented a Zipcar for the first time. (Sidenote, I do NOT enjoy driving in New England. Now I know why people here are called “Massholes,” and why it’s said that if you can drive here, you can drive anywhere. Massholes are cray.)

We drove up to South Portland, ME to see the headlight, then drove into downtown Portland and walked around the city. We had lunch at this German place called Schulte & Herr, then of course ended the day there in Gelato Fiasco, aka the best place ever. Let’s just say, I would make the drive up to Portland just to go there. Even with my disdain for New England driving. There was hardly anyone in there since it was an early Friday afternoon, so we got to try all the flavors that we wanted and chatted with the manager for a while. It was quite lovely.

Once we had seen plenty in Portland, we drove down to Portsmith, NH and walked around. It is just the cutest little New Englad town. We came across the cutest bookstore and bar combo, called Portsmouth Book Bar. I think I’d go there all the time if I lived in Portsmouth. We walked around some more, then had dinner at The Portsmouth Brewery and drove back to Boston.

That Saturday we had breakfast at Mike’s City Diner then headed to JP to tour the Sam Adam’s Brewery. That was cool. It’s a really small brewery but the employees are super fun. I really like their current seasonal beer, Cold Snap. Afterwards we walked around The Common and Quincy Market for a bit, then had dinner at Grafton Street in Harvard Square. There we met up with Brian and Megan. We tried to get into this comedy show, but it was already sold out, so we walked around the mall for a bit then went back to my place and watched The Breakfast Club.

The next day, after I got home from church, Franklin and I walked to Fenway and took a tour of the park. It was cool to walk around with nobody in there and to learn a little bit of the history behind the park. Then we had dinner at Sweet Caroline’s. We ended the day by walking through the Boston Public Library and around Copley Square.


Monday I had work, so Franklin walked the Freedom Trail on his own, and then we met up for dinner at the Bell In Hand Tavern. After dinner we had a beer at the Green Dragon Tavern so that Franklin could meet his historic bar quota for the day.

It’s always nice when pepole come to visit Boston, because I get the chance to see my city as new again. I never want to forget that feeling of newness. I’m glad to see that a year and half after first setting foot in Boston, I’m still just as enchanted by it.

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