26 Things | Month Three

I’m ready for it to really be spring. Here in New England, we’ve been kind of stuck in an eternal winter. So I’m going to blame the weather on my lack of progress (and motivation)… Even though I haven’t completed much from my list, I have been doing many things. Things that I shall be writing about soon, lest I forget all the good times. Ha.


1. Write a novel.
2. Knit a scarf.
3. Create a family tree.

4. Cook through a cook book.
Oh how I despise the cooking. I have not been making progress. Maybe I’ll start this up again soon.

5. Visit 13 new restaurants in Boston.
14–so it is now only April and I’ve surpassed my goal on this one. So that’s good… Ha.

On my birthday, a bunch of us went to brunch at BOMA. Morgan had made a reservation, and it was so nice to be able to walk in and not have to push our ways through the brunch crowds. This place didn’t start getting busy until we were getting ready to leave, so that was nice. The food was good, although everything seemed to have been cooked in duck fat. Not sure how I feel about that.

Saturday night Heidi, Erin, and I had dinner at Mela. I had very good chicken tikka masala, chai, and garlic naan. It was a tad bit expensive, but the chicken was quite tender. It was tendoori. Do you get my joke?

Dumpling Cafe
After celebrating Laura’s birthday, Megan, Brian, and I roamed the streets of Chinatown, tired and hungry. I’d been wanting to try this place for a while now, since I walk by it all the time, and I’m glad we did.


Some friends from our NG went and got brunch a few Sundays ago. Sunday brunches stress me out. There are always so many people and you never want to exclude anyone so you end up with a huge group for brunch with no place to seat you all. We walked in and they had all ten of us seated at the most perfect table very quickly, and then I got to eat the best chocolate chip pancakes I’ve had in a while.

Mike’s City Diner
This place is right down the street from my apartment. Franklin and I started our morning here for breakfast. Just your typical diner, so that was kind of nice.

Sweet Caroline’s
On Sunday Franklin and I took a tour of Fenway Park. I can’t wait for baseball season to start. I spotted this place from Fenway, and since it’s a nod to Neil Diamond’s song, which has made its way into Fenway Park when the Red Sox are in town, I wanted to try it. They serve Sam Adams Brick Red there, which can only be found in Boston, so that was good.

The Tip Tap Room
A few weeks ago NG met here for dinner. It was pretty good. It was Casey’s sort of going away dinner, so that was bittersweet.

Falafel King
Oh my goodness, Falafel King, how I love thee. Some of my co-workers needed a meatless alternative for lunch the other day, so we decided on falafel. Their falafel is so crispy and the meals are pretty inexpensive, and they give you a falafel as you wait in line and order, so that’s a big falafel plus.

Max Brenner

Little Laura’s mom was visiting her so her mother, her roommate, Laura, and I met for dinner here. It was very loud in there, but I really like the story behind the start of this chain. And it’s focus is all on chocolate–very important.

Tremont 647
As part of the Casey Farewell tour, a bunch of us from NG met here for brunch. I got honey oat pancakes which were alright, but the best part was the blood orange syrup that came with them. And they give you endless coffee and the servers wear their PJs on Sundays, so that was cute.

We hired a new person on our team so we went here for our team lunch. They didn’t have a chicken strips, but I was still able to keep to my six year old diet by ordering a grilled cheese.

Fire & Ice

Our manager retired, so as a farewell we had lunch here. There are little stations set up where you can fill a bowl up with all your ingredients and then you take your bowl over to the big grill and they cook your food for you. I’m glad we went for lunch because it was pretty empty, and going during dinner time just seems like it’d be very stressful.

Last week I went and saw The Book of Mormon with Caitlin and Colby, so we stopped here for a quick dinner beforehand. Still not into the Mexican food here in Boston, but it was still a good time.

New Dong Khanh
Little Laura and I came here for dinner last week. I had been craving pho, and they have milk tea too, so that was wonderful. Side note, if I ever own a pho restaurant, it’s going to be called We Are Pho Real.

6. Take a photography class.
7. Take an acting class.
8. Read Les Miserables.
9. Use a sewing machine.
10. Do a Philippians bible study.
11. Organize my music.
12. Organize my pictures.

13. Organize my bookshelf.
I finally did this!! I rearranged my room on Sunday and I love love love the new layout. So much so that it pains me to be away from my room haha. Since I was rearranging, I decided it was time to finally organize the bookshelf. So I did a bunch of purging and now it’s all nicely organized.

14. Hang pictures in room.
Now that my room is rearranged how I like it, I’m ready to put pictures up. I just ordered this from Etsy, and I even stuck a few things onto my corkboard.

15. Organize computer documents.
I’ve started this. I finally moved most of my pictures off of my laptop and onto my external hard drive, and I’ve started sorting through some of my old Word documents, including required poetry writing from the 10th grade. Eck.
  1. Reach my savings goal.
    Still at 80%-ish.

  2. Fly a kite.

  3. Lose 26 pounds.
    Well I haven’t gained anything so that’s good, ha. Maybe now that #5 is done I can focus on this one.

19. Get new glasses.
I really need to do this. Just need to make the time to make an eye appointment. Eck.

20. Find a doctor in Boston.

21. Find a dentist in Boston.

22. Visit New York City.
23. See a broadway show in NYC.

24. Visit Washington DC.
25. Visit Philadelphia.

26. Go on a weekend trip alone.

Baseball season has begun. So I’m happy that it’s April. I’ve already been to one Red Sox game, ha.

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