Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?

Last weekend Heidi and I built a snowman. The snow was so perfect. I had never built one before, so I had some trouble rolling the snow into a ball at first. There’s definitely a technique to it. And building a snowman is a workout. We didn’t have snow pants on (just jeans), so we crouched in the snow for an hour and a half as we rolled. Best workout ever.

People kept walking by and commenting on him. We named him Harold Blackstone Ramssler, because he looks like a Harold, he was birthed in Blackstone Square, and Ramssler is a combination of our last names, haha. Then we took snowman selfies. #photoshoot

Two days later, he was beheaded. That was when I experienced fall in winter for the first time, as in, I slipped on ice and fell. I was walking down the street and could see from afar that Harold was no more, and in my despair, I didn’t watch where I was stepping and so down I went. Fortunately, it was so slippery that I just kind of slid down to the ground, so it didn’t even hurt. Maybe I’m becoming more graceful.

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