26 Things | Month One

Month One is over now. That’s weird. Here’s my first 26 Things update.

1. Write a novel.

2. Knit a scarf.

3. Create a family tree.

4. Cook through a cook book.
I have been cooking! I’m not exactly cooking through my cook book, but I’m making progress. More on that later.

5. Visit 13 new restaurants in Boston.


On my birthday, a bunch of us went to brunch at BOMA. Morgan had made a reservation, and it was so nice to be able to walk in and not have to push our ways through the brunch crowds. This place didn’t start getting busy until we were getting ready to leave, so that was nice. The food was good, although everything seemed to have been cooked in duck fat. Not sure how I feel about that.
Saturday night Heidi, Erin, and I had dinner at Mela. I had very good chicken tikka masala, chai, and garlic naan. It was a tad bit expensive, but the chicken was quite tender. It was tendoori. Do you get my joke?
6. Take a photography class.

7. Take an acting class.
8. Read Les Miserables.
9. Use a sewing machine.
Summer and Sam are taking a sewing class at a craft store next month. I should just do that too. Because unless I buy this baby, I probably won’t come across a sewing machine to use. And even if I do, I wouldn’t know how to use it in the first place.
10. Do a Philippians bible study.
11. Organize my music.
12. Organize my pictures.
I have the feeling that my laptop is going to die soon. It’s been about three years or so since I got it–Dell’s don’t last THAT long. So I finally started on this. I pulled out my external hard drives and started organizing everything into folders and subfolders. Now I just need to go through the many folders and sort through all the pictures.
13. Organize my bookshelf.
14. Hang pictures in room.
Not quite there yet, but I did finally hang up my cork board. Now I just need to stick things on it.
15. Organize computer documents.
I started this too since I had the hard drives out. I came across old AIM conversations that had saved on my computer. That was entertaining. Oh how I miss the days of AIM.
  1. Reach my savings goal.
    I am now at 50%. I guess I kind of cheated by starting out at 30%, but oh well. The goal is to save, so save I shall.
17. Fly a kite.
18. Lose 26 pounds.
I forgot to actually weigh myself when I turned 26, so I’m not sure what has changed in a month. I have a rough idea though, so we’ll go with that, which means I’ve lost about four pounds. I’ve been going to the gym this month too, so that’s a start. And yesterday Heidi and I built a snowman, which is basically a workout. Maybe I’ll just keep building snow creatures for the rest of winter and skip the gym entirely…
19. Get new glasses.
20. Find a doctor in Boston.
21. Find a dentist in Boston.

22. Visit New York City.

23. See a broadway show in NYC.

I knocked these both out at once. You can read about my New York trip here.
24. Visit Washington DC.
25. Visit Philadelphia.

26. Go on a weekend trip alone.

Not bad for my first month. I was only able to cross two things off this time around, but I’m working towards a lot of things, so I’m happy with my progress.

2 thoughts on “26 Things | Month One

  1. How did you know it was cooked in duck fat? I'm not sure how I feel about that either…
    I like your tandoori pun 😉
    Well done on starting to organize your digital stuff. I still need to see what I got stored across these three computers…
    Well done for month 1!

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