New York, NY

Over MLK weekend, Sabrina and I visited New York. I had never been before, so I was excited to explore this city that everyone seems to fall in love with.

Saturday morning Heidi drove us to South Station so that we could catch our 6 AM Megabus. The bus left at 6:12 and we arrived in the city at about 10:30 AM. I had the loveliest time just sitting and thinking and praying and singing (in my head), haha, during our ride.

Once we got off the bus, we walked to the West Village for brunch at August. I had the gruyere omelette with fries and it was one of the best breakfasts I’ve had in a while. And the place is really pretty.

After bunch, we walked over to the FRIENDS building. I took some pictures and then we left to get some Starbucks.

From there, we walked over to Washington Square Park. I gazed at the monument for a while, took some more pictures, then Danny arrived.

We took the subway over to Astoria to drop off our things at his place, then headed back into Manhattan. Our first stop was to the 911 Memorial store to pick up tickets for the memorial. (Actually, our first stop was a Starbucks because I had to pee very badly.) Once we had our tickets, we walked over to the memorial and went in. I didn’t cry as much as I thought I would, so that was good.

After we saw the memorial, we walked to Shake Shack. It was really good. The burger reminded me a lot of Super Duper in San Francisco, which I miss a lot. A Shake Shack just opened up here in Harvard Square so that’s good to know. Or maybe it isn’t. Anyway, after we ate, we walked over to the High Line. We walked along that, enjoying good conversation and nice views of the city.

Once we had walked the High Line, we went over to Times Square. And I will be perfectly happy if I never have to go there again. It is way too flashy, loud, crowded, noisy, and energetic for the introvert in me. We ducked into the Marriot to pee and cater to the recluse in all of us, by finding a random bench to sit and rest on.

Since I was going to be seeing Cinderella the next night, and I knew I’d be getting there by myself, I wanted to see where I’d need to go to familiarize myself a little beforehand. The NBC Store was already closed, so after that, we saw Rockefeller Center and then we walked to Grand Central Station.

I was slightly dissappointed by the “whispering gallery,” but I think I had just built it up too much in my head. In hindsight, it is pretty cool.

From there we went back to Danny’s apartment, watched The Switch on Netflix, then went to sleep. It had been a long, but fun, day.

On Sunday morning, Sabrina, Danny and I went to Redeemer for church. After church, Sabrina and I met up with her friend Jessica for brunch at The Smith. Best brussels sprouts and grits I’ve had in a while (not together). We then walked over to this really cool kitchen store called Fishs Eddy.

After browsing there for a bit (I bought a cookie cutter in the shape of an apple–because I like apples and I was visiting the Big Apple–get it?), we went home to Danny’s. That Sunday was a big day for football. The Patriots and the Broncos played and then the Niners and the Seahawks played. Sabrina and Danny intently watched as I fell in and out of sleep. Later on I left to try to go to the NBC Store, which ended up being closed AGAIN.

So I got some soup at Cosi for dinner then went and watched Cinderella on Broadway. It was very wonderful. I liked going by myself, and I even made friends with the girls sitting next to me. My seat was really good, too. So I took an illegal picture.

After the show, my new friends and I rushed out to the stage door. Their parents had been saving a spot for them in line (they’re sisters) so I stood with them and we got everyone’s autographs as they came out. Once everyone had dispersed, I wandered aimlessly around the area–I figured I’d find the subway, only I didn’t–until I finally oriented myself and made it back to Danny’s, where I went to bed, sad that my NYC adventure was almost over.

On our last day, we woke up, got ready, and then Sabrina, Danny, his roommate Mike, and I all walked to Brooklyn Bagel and Coffee for–you guessed it–bagels and coffee. They had all kinds of different schmear and it was was just a very nice morning. Danny walked Sabrina and me to the subway and we were off to meet Chelsey. We ended up getting on the wrong train that didn’t stop where we needed to go, so as we were about to text her to let her know we would be late, she appeared at the stop we were at. It turned out that was the stop she got on, so it all ended up working out.

We walked around Central Park, which was lovely (I’m excited to return in the spring and just spend a whole day in it), then ate cookies (and birthday soft serve, for me) at Milk.

We parted ways with Chelsey and took the subway to the bus stop for our ride back to Boston. The bus ride back was interesting, as everyone on our half of the bus decided they needed to make phone calls, and one girl was playing a game with the music on high. It ended up being amusing though, and I enjoyed the stillness that was forced upon us for our ride home.

Overall, it was a really fun trip. I didn’t bring my puffer jacket though, so I was a little cold. I’ll be back in the spring for baseball and warmer weather, though. I also was surprised to find that I wasn’t in love with New York, the way most people are. It was interesting to see that I wasn’t enchanted by New York the way I was, and still am, enchanted by Boston. Kind of affirms that I’m right where I should be. Geographically, at least.

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