26 Things

I am 26 today. My personal debate of the week is whether 26 is still mid-twenties or if I’ve reached the coveted (sarcasm) late-twenties. Either way, I have now entered into the realm of “I’m-not-as-excited-for-my-birthday-because-I’m-old.” Blah.

For my 26 Things, I’ve sorted everything into categories, so that this year I will create, eat, learn, organize, thrive, and travel in somewhat of a formulated fashion.

1. Write a novel.

I came across this website called NaNoWriMo, where you write a 50,000 word novel in the month of November. Which means I have some time before I have to actually start writing, but I’ll need all of it to prepare and figure out what to write about.

2. Knit a scarf.
Since Heidi showed me how to knit, and I am now in the anum of aging, I may as well start taking this knitting stuff seriously.

3. Create a family tree.
I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now but just haven’t gotten around to it. We are tentatively having a family reunion of sorts this year, so this would be nice to prepare this year.

4. Cook through a cook book.
I hate cooking. There, I said it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not completely incompetent in the kitchen. I am now an experienced Thanksgiving turkey cooker, thanks to those TWO times I made a turkey for Thanksgiving, and I mean, I can scramble an egg for crying out loud. It’s just that, if I’m hungry, I’d much rather prefer pouring myself some cereal for a bowl of instadinner over waiting for a pot of water to boil or an oven to pre-heat. But, I need to be a grown-up. I challenged myself to cooking 25 meals while I was 25, but that didn’t quite go as planned. So in order to enter the ranks of true womanhood adulthood humanhood, I must begin cooking real things to eat. And dino nuggets and macaroni and cheese out of boxes can’t shan’t count. I’ll be heeding the advice of Alice Waters of The Art of Simple Food. Her name is Alice Waters and she’s going to teach me about simple food. Something about that just feels right.

5. Visit 13 new restaurants in Boston.
I did this for 25 with 12 new restaurants in San Francisco. That was more challenging since I had already been to a lot of places and had my usual spots. Here in Boston, almost everything is new, so this actually shouldn’t be too hard. But since I’m going to be cooking more *fingers crossed* I’ll need some kind of allowed opportunity for dining out in case I spill it all over the floor or something. (As if I’ve ever done THAT before).

6. Take a photography class.

I don’t have a nice camera, and really use my iPhone for most of the pictures that I take these days, but I’d like to learn more on basic photography techniques.

7. Take an acting class.
I am not a good actor. I wanted to take drama in high school, but because of leadership, the only class that fit with my schedule was advanced drama. As in, drama for the kids who have already taken drama and have been in plays and musicals and who practically live in the theater. But since I had Mr. Crockett for AP English, and he was also the drama teacher, he let me in. But I am not a good actor. So I’d like to learn things.

8. Read Les Miserables.
This is from 25. I’m making very. slow. progress, but maybe I’ll be done with it by the time i’m 29 or something.

9. Use a sewing machine.
Do I need to buy a sewing machine? Maybe sew so.

10. Do a Philippians bible study.
I really enjoyed reading through Acts and James with commentaries. My reading felt more purposeful and I learned a lot. So this year will be the Book of Philippians.

11. Organize my music.
My music is just all over the place in my laptop and it makes me angry when I can’t find songs in it.

12. Organize my pictures.
I’ve been meaning to do this for a very long time now. So it’s time. My goodness it is time.

13. Organize bookshelf.
I have no motivation to do this, even though my bookshelf is a mess. It’s dumb.

14. Hang pictures in room.
I’ve now lived in my bedroom in Boston for six months and I still have yet to hang anything up on my walls. Also dumb. Also time.

15. Organize computer documents.
My poor little red Dell. It’s slow and full of things that must be organized. It’s difficult when you can’t tangibly see how messy something is, which is why my laptop has had things piling up inside of it for so long. Who knows, maybe I’ll come across my AP English Shakespeare paper.

16. Reach my savings goal.
I’m not going to post how much I’d like to have in my savings account by the time I’m 27 because this is the internet, but I will say that so far I’m already at 30% of my goal.

17. Fly a kite.
I meant to do this last year but then didn’t.

18. Lose 26 pounds.
You know, 26 for 26, haha.

19. Get new glasses.
I’ve been needing new glasses for a few months now. I read once somewhere that you have until 25 to change your eyes. Despite my efforts and extreme consumption of carrots, I was unable to fix my eyes by 25. So alas, to the eye doctor I must go.

20. Find a doctor in Boston.
I hate most medical situations. I have self-diagnosed white coat syndrome and I just hate having to go see a doctor. But, since I need to be a grown-up, I need to find a doctor here in Boston. I figure if I put this on my list I’ll feel obligated to do it.

21. Find a dentist in Boston.
I’ve had the same dentist since I first started going when I was four or five or however old you are when you first start going to the dentist. Now that I live in Boston though, it’s kind of hard to make my cleanings every six months. So here’s another health obligation. (If you need a dentist in the South San Francisco area, however, go see Dr Randall T. Louie, DDS. I have no frame of reference since he’s the only dentist I’ve ever seen, but I think he’s great.)

Travel – these mostly speak for themselves. Hello East Coast.
22. Visit New York City.

23. See a broadway show in NYC.

24. Visit Washington DC.
25. Visit Philadelphia.

26. Go on a weekend trip alone.

Here we go.

One thought on “26 Things

  1. I like the categories idea.
    The dentist is horrible why do you want to go there. ugh.
    I like the travel category as a whole.
    I look forward to reading your novel.

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