Hump Day Happies (12.18.13)

I used to do these posts every Wednesday–I stopped almost three years ago, but here’s a random Hump Day Happies post just because.

1. I like candles and apples and so I think these are pretty wonderful. And look at her nails!

2. Haha oh little Rebekkah. Seen here. Reminds me of this which has been popping around all overe Facebook, for good reason.

3. I bought this washi tape from Target the other day and I’ve been trying to find all kinds of ways to use it.


4. Last month when we went to Portland, ME I decided I had to own this lobster-shaped cookie cutter. You know, because “he’s her lobster!”

5. Chocolate oranges. I don’t know what it is about them, but did you know that you can only get these in stores during Christmas time? Maybe this is why I like them so much. Who knows.

6. Birchbox. I heard about this from Summer and then discovered that my roommate Megan was getting one, so I decided I needed to sign up too. You pay $10 a month and get a cute little box with beauty product samples. You can edit your preferences so that you get items that interest you most.

7. Hunter rain boots. I got these little beauties last month in Portland and i love them. I like that they’re short and the color is called ‘brick.’


8. Snow. It’s been snowing here in Boston and I can’t get enough of it. I haven’t fallen yet, so that’s good. And I’m glad I don’t have a car that I have to worry about shoveling out of snow–that would be pretty miserable. The snow is just so magical, especially when it’s just fallen and is soft and fluffy. I can’t stop taking pictures of it. And I won’t stop.

9. Christmas cards. Especially this one, found here.

10. The fact that this exists. Now that I live on the east coast, Disney World is a little bit of a shorter flight. Now I just need to find someone to go with. (Also, this made me laugh because it’s a Mickey Lake. Which made me think of Ricky Lake. Anyway…)

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