World Series Champions & Providence, RI

Exactly a month ago Avila was visiting Boston. The Red Sox had just won the World Series, so we celebrated with Boston by watching the World Series Parade over on Tremont & Boylston with Sabrina. It was great being able to go, since I had to miss both parades in SF when the Giants won.

After the parade, Avila and I walked around the Common and the Garden before deciding to explore Providence, Rhode Island. We took the commuter rail out there and walked to The Blount Clam Shack and Soup Bar for their seafood platter.

After eating, we walked around Providence some more, which is just such a cute New England town. We were told to explore the mall. We found the Dunkin Donuts Convention Center, and walked into an area that we thought would lead us to the mall. Turns out we had accidentally walked into the Rhode Island Comic Con.

We did finally end up finding the mall, which was huge. We did a little shopping then walked back to the train station, ending our day in Providence with a nice look at the State House.

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