Remember when AOL Instant Messenger was a thing? In this pre-text message era, before we had friends or followers we had buddies. I miss my buddies. And I went through some screen names.

cheral13: I tried my hardest to come up with a new name that still had my actual name, and Cheral is Rachel with the letters are mixed around. I think I chose the number 13 because I was 13 years old and clever.

raspberrijamm: I don’t know why. Making screen names was a thing and I was all about it.

rachiez147: I think I made this one first then forgot the password, or got bored with and decided I needed a change. I was 13, remember.

rachiez143: I don’t know why I chose 143, but later, when pager code became a thing, I learned that 143 meant I love you, so that was kind of nice. (Remember pager code?)

letsallgobananas: I had reached the stage where your screen name was supposed to represent you and who you are, so I wanted to show how breezy I was. This was the best I could come up without negating the breezy, and gobananas was already taken.

AIM especially reminds me of senior year of high school. Back when the fall semester didn’t end until AFTER winter break, and Mr. Crockett’s AP English class spent all of winter break writing the dreaded Shakespeare paper. I wrote mine on bird symbolism, and I couldn’t have done it without my AIM buddies. We would chat all day and all night and give each other time goals: “don’t talk to me until you’ve written this many pages,” or “we’ll write for two hours and then check in.” And I ended up getting a C+ on that paper, which by Crockett’s standards may as well have been an A.

2 thoughts on “Buddies

  1. cheral is nice. reminds me of cherub.

    Mine were Muzzy88 [for some odd reason this was my nickname. i hate it]
    summertymgirl88 [that “y” was supes clever]

  2. this is hilarious!
    mine was…
    -kumiko909. because my favorite number is 9 but 9 was taken and i thought 909 was more interesting than 99
    -OnEtrUpAnDagrL. i remember thinking it was like a pun, one-two panda girl, but that doesn't even make sense. silly high school me. i was also very particular about which letters were uppercase because every-other was an ugly pattern. i thought this was a cool one. i think i still do.

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