I love Danielle’s blog, Sometimes Sweet. She does these Currently posts, so I thought I would join in today.

Reading: I usually have a lot of book back-up, but since I’m trying to meeet my goal of reading 12 books while I’m 25, I’ve been trying to be better. I’ve been trying to finish Tim Keller’s Every Good Endeavor for a while now. After I finished Lauren Oliver’s Delirium series I picked up her first novel, Before I Fall. I also meant to fnish my Acts study a few weeks ago, but didn’t, so I’m almost done with that. Then I’ll probably head into a James study.

Working on: I’ve lived in Boston for almost four months now but still haven’t fully organized my bedroom. I finally got some storage containers for under my bed, and finally put my AC back in its box and away in my closet. I still need to organize my night stand and book shelf though.

Feeling thankful for: my office view. When I lived in San Francisco, I longed to work in the city. Instead, I commuted across the Bay Bridge and worked in a windowless cubicle in the middle of our office in Emeryville. Now that I’m in Boston, I’m so thankful that I can just take the bus and/or walk downtown and be at work. And then I can sit at my desk and see this everyday.

Watching: I’m not a huge TV person, which is good since we don’t have cable, but I do have my little list of shows that I like to watch. I have Hulu Plus, so I’m always watching things the day (or sometimes days) after they’ve aired. New Girl and The Mindy Project are so funny, as is How I Met Your Mother. I’m a little bummed that HIMYM is ending after this season, but it’s been fun watching the mother, now that we know who she is. I also am still keeping up with Once Upon A Time. Most nights usually end with my roommates and me watching Friends on the couch though, which is just fine with me.

Listening to: This morning I woke up and had Relient K stuck in my head. That takes me back a little. I refuse to listen to Christmas music since it is still only early November, but we’ll see how long that stance lasts.

Loving: Duolingo. Alex tweeted about this app so I decided to give it a try. It’s free and is basically like a mini Rosetta Stone. I love it! Maybe I’ll finally learn Italian now after all. (I actually have Rosetta Stone for Italian but haven’t installed it onto my computer yet. I should add that to my projects list).

Preparing for: winter in Boston! This will be my first winter in the Northeast, which means my first winter in snow. Today I even wore a beanie on the way to work. It’s a whole new world over here, guys. I’m gonna be ready.

2 thoughts on “Currently

  1. I have yet to read Delirium but boy have I heard some good things.

    I used to live in Boston (well I was stationed at Hanscom AFB – which is close enough to Boston that I felt like I lived there).

    I too love New Girl and How I Met Your Mother. I do think they are wrapping up the final season of HIMYM well. It's nice to finally see who the mother is and now just anticipating him meeting her.

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