Camping Versus Eternity

Back when I was a recent college graduate and was hunting for my first “real” job, I felt like time was passing so slowly. Looking back, I definitely did not make use of all the free time I had. Now that I’ve been working for a few years, I realize how short my life of unemployment was, even though it felt like life was stretching out before me, never ending. Sometimes I wish that I had used my time more fruitfully when I had the time to spend it.

This got me thinking about life on earth compared to life on heaven. Right now, here on earth, life feels long. Yes, we talk about how short life is, but when I really think about it, I have a hard time imagining life ending anytime soon, just like I couldn’t imagine my life of unemployment ending.

A few weeks ago we had a guest speaker, Bijan Mirtolooi from Redeemer Presbyterian, teach at church. He mentioned how he isn’t the biggest fan of going camping. He’ll go for a weekend, but then he’s had enough. He shared how he can go camping and enjoy himself for a weekend because he knows it is only temporary. Because he knows that sleeping on the ground in a tent is not his home, and that soon he’ll be able to sleep in his bed in his house, he can enjoy the present state of temporary camping. This is how we should view life. This earth is not our home. Because we know that it is temporary and we will soon be home, we can enjoy life on earth, and should do so to our fullest capacity.

I don’t want to get to heaven and look back on my life and regret my ill-spent time. I want to be able to say that I made the most of my life while on earth. So I’m going to swim in the lake, lay out in the sun, hike in the woods, read by the campfire, and eat oh so many s’mores. Yes, those are camping metaphors.

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