Ride On a Hot Air Balloon

Last month I went home to attend Alex’s wedding. It was a pretty jam-packed weekend, which is a post in and of itself–coming soon, haha. That Sunday Lily and I went on a hot air balloon ride over Napa Valley, thus completing one of my 25 Things, and it was lovely.

We got up super early to get ready and head to the Marriott where we would be meeting the balloon company. We flew with Balloons Above the Valley. The staff was really friendly and they all seemed to know what they were doing, so that was good. Haha. From the hotel, they caravanned us over to the open field where the balloons were being blown up.

It was a little eerie seeing these giant balloons coming to life on the ground, but also very cool.

The view from above


I loved watching all the balloons cluster together. Sometimes we’d get nervous that they’d crash into each other, but other than that, the ride was very relaxing.

It was pretty warm up there. We started out on the ground with sweaters and scarves and ended up taking off all our layers once up in the air. Heat really does rise apparently.

After the ride they took us back to the hotel for a lovely brunch, complete with mimosas and more coffee. Now that I’ve done that, I feel a little more motivated to possibly jump out of a plane or something. Maybe next year…

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