Bake A Pie From Scratch

I finally did it! A few weeks ago I went berry picking with Hope and Jessica at Tangerini’s Spring Street Farm in Millis, MA.

We picked blueberries, cherry tomatoes, and raspberries, and it was super fun. Though I do wish I had thought to put on sunscreen. Oops.


That night I came home and made some pastry dough to chill. It was easier than I thought it would be. I accidentally bought salted butter instead of unsalted though, and didn’t realize until after I had added the required salt to the flour. When I tasted the dough it was very salty, so I was worried that the pie might be too salty, but it ended up being fine. I was inspired by a pie post I found on Pinterest, which led me to this link. I used this link for the pie filling, with a few alterations. It probably would have been easier to use a mixer for the dough, but I just used my hands.

I didn’t add any butter or lemon zest to the filling, and only used about four cups of blueberries instead of the six that the recipe calls for.

The hardest part about rolling out the dough was the mess of flour it requires. I messed up at first by not using enough of it and couldn’t transfer the flattened dough from the board to my pie tin, so I just re-rolled, floured up, and tried again.
Then I rolled out the top crust and dusted it with a little bit of egg and sugar to (attempt to) give it that golden crust look.

Overall, I was pretty pleased with myself and my pie. I’m inspired to bake more often, especially now that I know that making pie dough from scratch isn’t as tough as I thought it’d be. I also felt very Snow White-y, so that’s always good. It would have looked a little nicer if it had browned more, but it tasted good, so not bad for my first pie, if I do say so myself.

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