This post is way overdue. All of my roommates are from Vermont, so for my second weekend in Boston back in July, they invited me to their home state for a visit. I stayed with Heidi in Jericho. We drove through New Hampshire into what we thought would be a bad storm (look at that huge cloud!) but it ended up being alright. We stopped in Lebanon, NH for a frostee from Wendy’s, so technically, I’ve been to New Hampshire, too, right?

I also tried Vermont maple syrup at Heidi’s house. I’m not really usually a maple syrup fan, but Vermont maple syrup has changed my mind. Heidi and I took her dogs out for a walk down her road. It started to rain and was just so pretty and refreshing. Vermont is so beautiful. I felt like I was in Green Gables or something.

We also stopped at the Jericho Center for a maple and vanilla creamee, which is what Vermonters call soft serve. And it was so good.

Then we headed out to Michelle’s camp where we lay out and BBQed before driving to Burlington to attend the Brewer’s Fest on Lake Champlain. It was SO pretty there. I never thought I’d go to Vermont, let alone know so many people from Vermont, haha. It’s weird being on the east coast, where you can drive for an hour and be in a new state. Unlike California, where you drive for nine hours and you’re still in California.

Such a relaxing weekend. I look forward to returning.

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