25 for 25 | Month Seven

Here we go:
1. Knit something.
2. Create a budget.
3. Go Paleo for a month.

This hasn’t worked out yet–maybe September? Haha.

4. Run 200 miles.
5. Complete a three-day juice cleanse.
6. Cook 25 meals.
Last week I cooked spaghetti (which I didn’t drop on the floor this time), Italian sausages, and mixed that with mozarella and the cherry tomatoes I picked from Tangerini’s Spring Street Farm a few weeks ago (more about that later). So one meal down, 24 to go.

7. Read Les Misérables.
I don’t know if I’ll ever finish this…
8. Fly a kite.
Maybe I should buy a kite.
9. Visit at least two new states.
Read about Vermont soon.
10. Do a James Bible study.

11. Master a song on the guitar.

12. Read 12 new books.

Just about half way there.
A Praying Life Paul E. Miller
The Host Stephenie Meyer
The Memory of Running Ron McLarty
Sacred Marriage Gary Thomas
Joni – An Unforgettable Story Joni Eareckson Tada
Who Do You Think You Are? Mark Driscoll
Stumbling On Happiness Daniel Gilbert
13. Make edible yogurt.
14. Complete a Photo-a-Day challenge for a month.
Read about that here.
15. Do an Acts Bible study.

Still going.

16. Use a sewing machine.

17. Master drawing Snow White.
18. Try 12 new restaurants in San Francisco.
19. Do a Philippians Bible study.
20. Bake a pie from scratch.
I finally did this, and it went very well. I’ll post about that soon.
21. Visit three museums.
One out of three isn’t too bad. I visited the Museum of Fine Arts, so two more museums to go.
22. Organize my music library.
23. Organize my pictures.
24. Ride on a hot air balloon.
Lily and I have this scheduled to happen on Sunday 9/8 when I’m back in California. Here’s hope the weather permits it!
25. Catch up on Arrested Development.
I can’t believe I’m half way through the year. So weird.

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